I recently decided to quit my job, sell my shiny new car and leave my cushy life in Sydney behind. I want to have as many adventures as I can in one lifetime, and the time to start is now. So when Daniel said he was moving to Berlin the decision for me was difficult, scary, huge easy. So now we’re just starting the process of packing our lives into 2 suitcases and preparing for our biggest adventure so far. Bring on Berlin!


After a whirlwind couple of months filled with fun adventures we have made it to Berlin and are officially staying! Prost!!


More about me

  •  Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, (but have dual US/Australian citizenship) my Dad is Australian my Mum is American they met travelling in Switzerland, you could say traveling is in my bloodHannah-about-header
  • I love cake, if you have cake at your party I will eat at least two three pieces
  • I majored in Politics & Marketing, I’ll use it someday
  • I think I’m addicted to tea and sushi, not necessarily together
  • I love a good challenge, I might be a little competitive
  • I want to spend my life traveling and having as many crazy adventures as possible
  • I have weird food quirks, everyone who knows me is nodding their heads right now

This Guy

  • My main man and partner in travel DanielDaniel
  • Born and raised in Northern California, he just spent the last year living in Sydney (where we met!)
  • Wants a white malamute named Falcor (good luck)
  • He’s pursuing his dreams of professional water polo and ultimately the Olympics (its a long journey, fingers crossed!)
  • He also wants to spend his life traveling and having crazy adventures
  • He has a degree in Economics and Finance, but doesn’t want to spend his life stuck to a desk
  • Loves dogs almost more than people


Together we want to experience the world and all it has to offer while we are young and carefree.

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